Friday, August 9, 2013

LinkedIn ?

It seems like everyone in the Silicon Valley area uses LinkedIn. I remember signing up for an account when they first started out. As a joke, I wrote that my profession was a farmer and that I loved milking cows. Then, over the years, friends added me. People I met added me. And then, one year, I forgot my password.  I learned after my interview at my current job that LinkedIn is actually quite popular and a place that employer's use to search for employees. (Side-note: my current employer doesn't actually use LinkedIn. They require someone at the company to have personal knowledge of you and refer you. But they do look at your LinkedIn profile if it's provided.)

Shortly after joining my current employer, I removed my joke "farmer" profession, but I haven't really updated my profile to include any technical expertise or information about myself. To me, LinkedIn seems like the perfect place to gather intelligence and profile someone you want to hack. I once worked for a government intelligence agency -- so, I've heard all the scary stories.

I've re-considered the benefits of LinkedIn and decided to throw in the towel. I've yet to add additional details to my LinkedIn profile. It seems like doing so would be beneficial to all of the folks who know me. I can offer feedback about their work experience, etc.

Just my thoughts.. have anyone of you used LinkedIn ? Any interesting stories to share?

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